Types of flooring

Flooring keeps a home attractive and more welcoming.

Sheet Vinyl

It’s made of sheets with a width of 6 up to 15, thus makes it to be easily installed and remove seams that can trap dust and dirt. Rare to be used in commercial buildings because it puts durability at risk, unlike VCT (gulvxtra). When finishing is done, it requires high maintenance cost this stripping it’s advisable to be cleaned with neutral detergents.


Hard natural material during flooring that has been used recently due to the positive environmental picture (https://www.gulvxtra.no/Tarkett). It’s durable and is not easy to till vinyl sheet from linoleum when it has been installed. It is quite porous; therefore, it should be finished when once it has also been started, it is vaporous, which makes the new installation to be hardly finished.

Vinyl Asbestos Tile

It has a high durability rate, is heat resistant, and it’s dimensional stability. It’s a common resilient flooring that has not been produced for health and safety reasons. When it is old, it should be coated and double sealers if stripped.


They are commonly used in building slabs. They are mostly covered with other flooring materials like carpeting, tiles, and wood. Concrete materials they aren’t covered are highly used in retail stores because it’s cheap and is highly durable.

Mexican tile

They are made of clay and are hand-made. Size, texture, and color add beauty and character (https://www.gulvxtra.no/Parkett). It should be cleaned with a natural detergent.


makes a beautiful surface on the floor that is not recommended in large trafficked areas because of its softness, acid sensitivity, and high absorbency. It is made of calcium carbonate and calcite. A marble is supposed to be cleaned by a natural cleaner to avoid chemical and acid bases products.


High in cost, therefore, is used rarely in commercial buildings and suited in residential areas because of its hardness and stain-resistant. Its hard-soft nature doesn’t suit it to be finished with acrylic products one should clean with natural material.

Types of flooring